crazy times making costumes

so this is my 4pm to 1am craft run. note that this is the first time i ever sewed in my life, lol, so my fingers were not that fast, lol.

this was the garland i bought.

then i de-flowered it lol.

then i had to sew the garland to the belt

yay i finished sweing the belt

then i started gluing a million flowers at a time, lol

look at my wonderful sewing pattern, lol lol

next step was making the head pieces

done and starting on the coconut bras

next came making the garland necklaces

after so many "owww's!!' and "omgg!!!!!!!!!' lol i finished making 2 of everything. at 1am i finally finished and went straight to bed.

it was so worth it when i saw the finished product


  1. Wow, that is WAY more than I could have done! They look good! :)

  2. Totally cute and creative. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Happy holidays, Frank

  3. I've been reading around your blogs and I am so sorry for your losses. Your family is so beautiful. You talk about how supportive your husband is, how your family is full of laughter and fun. This is NOT to make light of the voids you feel, but only to remind you to bask in the gifts you have received; especially on those really hard days.

  4. now that is talent girl!!!

    how amazing!


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