Do You Facebook? Nestle has a contest....

For those of you who, like me, love contests, deals, and fun ;)  Facebook has a game for Nestle right now.

The Nestle Company, is giving away 1000 Nestle bars daily.
In the Nestle Crunch Challenge, you answer trivia questions and can win other prizes as well.

The counter for the daily 1000 free Nestle bars is set daily, so be sure to play daily to be able to win a Yummy Chocolate!

You do need to accept the third party application on Facebook to be able to play the game, but it's worth it if you win!

I played for the first time today and scored 8oo points on the trivia challenge, post your scores and let's see who is more educated in the art of chocolate ;)

click here to go straight to facebook's Crunch Challenge

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