i hate crowds!!!

i HAd to leave my house yesterday to get food and things i needed to finish the girls costumes for their dance recitals, i hated it.

i just dont have anymore what it takes to be out right now, i was trying so hard to not have an anxiety atttack in the middle of walmart.

on a better n ote, today i finally got everything i need and for the first time in my life i am about to sew, lol.

i have to sew the garland to a belt and a bunch of other things, lol, my daughters are in a hawaiian/polynesian dance class and on Weds. they are having their Christmas show.

i will definetly post pictures of the costumes comming along, lol, or comming undone, lol.

i havent posted in the last couple of days because i had a migraine attack and i was just out of it. i did post about contests and i won one ;)

a $50 dllr off gift card of a $100 dllr purchase. i am happy!!!!!


  1. I have been trying to start the whole craft thing but I really can't afford it. I have some sewing projects from years ago and omg... they're horrible. Like my pillow. A corner of it opened up and I sew'd it... It looks like a cat lost a fight to a ball of yarn.

  2. lmao!!!!!!!! @ the cat and the yarn ball


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