my manic tuesday

seems i had one of those days, this is a bit from my blog about depression on what happened yesterday link is here,

i found my lost purse...

oh, and i seem to have found my lost purse!!!

thats what the dryer decided to pay me back with,
it melted my purse :(

and a peek at what my laundry station looked like at 5pm


  1. I loved your About Me section, especially the part about making the huge bed on the floor and watching movies - we have a pull out couch in the basement we do that on! Thanks for visiting my blog, as it always makes me really happy when I don't get comments implying or outright stating that other people go through what I do.

    I'm also very sorry about your purse!

  2. My laundry would look like that all the time except our house is tiny and my machines are in my kitchen.

    I love how you met your husband, I think my husband would do that. He likes to break into song and dance in the grocery store.


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