Happy New Year's!!!!!

I hope everyone has a a wonderful year.

I hope that you accomplish all that you set out to do.  May your heart and your wallet always be full and your dishwasher empty (giggles)

I don't have any resolutions, I didnt make any last year either, I think it's because I felt too sad that I let myself down when I didnt go through with them, I mean it's not "fully" ok to blame someone else, but it feels a lot better than blaming yourself right? lol

I do have some goals I would like for the new year, but if they dont go through, I will remind myself that they are goals and not every goal is met ;)

*I  want to TRY  to be more positive: meaning let go of grudges, try to see what I have and not what I dont have, and help my children to see things that way as well.

*I want to volunteer more, and help more with the fundraising events

* I want to be able to adopt more Soldier's and be able to have a way to make money or get product donations so I can send them each a care package at least once a month.

*I want to help spread the word more about wonderful organizations that do so much good for people.

*I want to be able to help my son with all he is going through right now with all of his "diagnosis"

*I hope to make more friends through blogland ;)

*I want to be a better friend, a better supporter to those that need me.

*I hope that I am able to make my blog better, that I am able to bring my friends and readers a lot of deals and great reviews.

*I want to work on getting closer with my family, and getting my marriage on better grounds, yes it's good right now, but like all marriages it has up and downs, I just want to have more ups this year than downs ;)

*most importantly, I want to have a better relationship with God, having faith is something I have always been good with, but I want to work on getting my "sheltered" self to church.  (it's just hard at times when my depression is bad)

Sorry this turned into a story, I hope that you will stay with me and that I can be there for you as a friend.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. All those goals sound wonderful. I volunteer my time with the Girl Scouts. I am the Manager of the county I am a Girl Scout Leader in. I also have a Daisy troop I am a leader of. Good Luck. I am now following you from the Mom Blog Comment Club on Twitter Moms.

  2. I hope you can reach all your goals for the coming year!

    Gerardine Baugh

  3. all excellent wants! Good luck in the New Year

  4. I'll be watching you :P

    Scared? lol.

    Best wishes for 2010! You've already made one new friend in this blogworld:)

  5. Beautiful desires,
    Being more positive,
    Being more helpful to others,
    and Being more happy
    while serving...

    Amazing spirits, timeless remarks.

    Happy 2010, Dreams come true.





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