Auction to benefit "I'm too young for this" Cancer Foundation

Of course everyone wants a Sony PS3, I know I do ;)

Well if you have been putting off buying your own PS3, I have the perfect opportunity for you. is hosting an auction for a brand new Sony PS3, all proceeds go to StupidCancer/
Please help me spread the word, Cancer is Stupid :(
my tweet:
Charity Auction for PS3 benefiting Cancer organization

What is it's a NEW auction site, think ebay in the present ;)

Lower fees for sellers,
AWESOME widget that you can place ANYWHERE 
it's a box with live auction info, option to bid, and chat box all in one. 
PERFECTION for a shopaholic, or a great cause of course  ;)

If you haven't checked it out, please do so, more charity benefiting auctions coming in the future. 


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