Tag, you're it!

I am starting a new game ;)

I got a few comments from friends about how they didn't like some ppl leaving comments on their blog like:
"im here following you from such n such"

So I decided to start "Tag, you're it" lol

That's all you have to say instead of following from somewhere ;)
sounds fun?  here's more,
Tag, is for followers for:
Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, and anything else you need followers in ;)

Want to play?

Here's the form....

Tag, you're it!!!

Please make sure you follow everyone else above you, Let's try the honor system ;)

I will start a new list every Tuesday, get it?
Tag Tuesday, lol


  1. Great idea. I was able to add my information to the chart but for some reason am having difficulty actually getting linked to everyone's site. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. LOL

  2. Hi - Great idea! I clicked on the link but not sure I understand it 100% yet, will have to go over it again later on today - I need some coffee I think lol Great to hear from you. As always, love your blog :) Signed, Marsha

  3. P.S. Lily, thanks so much for letting me know that my comments section wasn't working on my blog. It's fixed now, thanks again! Marsha

  4. Good luck. :)
    take care and happy Friday.

  5. Coming by from Friday Follow!

    Come by mine and enter some giveaways! =)


  6. GO NAVY! :)
    Friday follower! cute blog- and cute kids too!!

  7. Tag, you're it! (cute idea)

    Stopping by from MBC!

  8. Good Idea! I AM actually stopping by to follow from MBC, but I just want tos ay that I really do read the posts of the people I follow and try to be genuine about my comments. I don't like getting a plain old 'stopping by from...' or 'following from...' but if the comment includes genuine response to my post, then i like to know where my readers are coming from.

    Tag, you're it!!

  9. Love this, I am finding so many great sites this way! Keep spreading the good word!

  10. Great to find your blog (visiting from MBC) and joined your tag! Thanks!
    Come by and enter my giveaway!

  11. Great ideal and yes Go Navy, my husband was in the Navy a long time ago. Son just joined Marines? I do not want son to do it, but am proud of him.

  12. I LOVE this idea! I'm in. :)

  13. Hi There! Looks like this is going to be fun. I like meeting new friends :) First time to visit here in your blog. I'm a young mommy :) Everyone calls me young (and I hate it)...lols, it seemed immature thinking about me. Oh well, just want to join this group.

    Tag, you're it!

  14. Tagged ya:)

    Such cute blog!

    http://olahmomma.com, a mom's blog

  15. Tag! You're it!

    I tagged your networked blog on fb!


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