July has been a month of Adventures in our house....

ok ok, I know,
EVERYDAY is an adventure with us, I get it, lol.

This month has been hard for the kids since they have spent this month of summer vacation with me in the nursing home.  In a way it has been great, they have grown a stronger bond with their Great Grampa and have heard many of the stories my Grampa used to tell me, like the one about him wrestling a 10 foot Shark in the ocean ;)
Grampa has been doing so much better, he can walk during his therapy and even do a few stairs, we are so proud of him ;)

This month My mini-me turned 8 years old!!!
Izeah (6) lost his first tooth!!!!!

Izeah's super-active-non-stop-action-driven-body has surprisingly been to "average" levels until this week, for some reason, he has gone back to that behavior a week before the new school year begins ;/  It has been nothing less than a completely wild adventure with our Family this summer.

I have taken my Grampa on a few outings this month, and I have all 4 youngest kids with me, plus Grampa's wheelchair, I am not sure if that qualifies as an adventure or just a sign of my insanity; either way I wouldn't trade it for the world ;)

Here are a few pics ;)
He wanted to show his great Grampa how brave he was, so he swished water in his mouth until the tooth popped out ;)

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!!!!!!


  1. happy belated birthday lily, excellent pics, beautiful family xxx

  2. I am following you from MBC. I am also a military wife! AF. I saw the picture of your military hop. Did you hop with all your kids? We hopped to Hawaii once with our three.

  3. never a dull moment in your lives!

  4. life is always fun and definitely full of adventures in your house.


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