I did it, I went .com ;)

After many many months of being afraid of taking the next step, I finally decided to go .com  So now We are

I am so excited!!!!

One day, when  I grow up, I want to switch over to Wordpress, I love the way the set up is and the widgets, but for now, I am happy with  my own domain ;)

So PLEASe if you need to change the address on your readers or anything else, please do so, because I would hate to loose you ;)

Don't forget to enter 
The Hampton Inn Hotel & Resorts Giveaway
It ends on 8/25 and The Hampton Inn along with myself will be awarding 2 people a 1 night  stay at any of their resorts, and 1 person  will also win a King Size Bedding set from The Hampton Inn Store!!!!


  1. Welcome to the world of domain owners! Congrats!

  2. Very cool! Have yet to do that, as I'
    m not sure what I want to do with this once we do adopt...but it's so cheap I probably just should! LOL

  3. congratulations Mrs com im delighted for you all xxxx

  4. That is awesome!! Congrats on your new domain,..

    Happy Tag it Tuesday!

  5. Yes have thought about it, but not sure?? Will try not to lose you

  6. congrats :) do you still want me to design your blog? let me know.

  7. Yay, congrats. Everyone that has moved seems to be thrilled with their decision so I hope you are as well. I'll change all of my links over :)

  8. I'm your newest follower. Feel free to follow me back at www.jessielynnsmith.com


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