What is your Passion?

I ask you this, because of two things:
1) I believe that many people take life for granted and don't enjoy the passion in their life as much as they should, I should know, i was like that ;)

2) I came across a contest that asks for a picture of what your passion is, so I am curious to know what yours is?

I thought long and hard what my passion is, and I couldn't come up with one word, I had too many passions and loves to choose from, then my baby, my youngest of 6, the one whom Doctors said would not make it; sat on the couch, gave me a kiss, and said
"Mommy, you're beautiful and I love you"

There it is!!!  That is my passion!! 
My Family, my children, the last 4 kids were born at 22 weeks, 24 weeks, 25 weeks and 29 1/2 weeks, they were and are miracles in themselves.  The four who were too sickly and premature to make it through their first month in the hospital, are now the same four who drive me up the walls at times, and yet, I am SO thankful that they are all here, that even at my most stressful mommy moments, I look at them and smile. 

That is my passion, it's what I live for, what I look too at my lowest points to help me go on.  I see them, I see smiles and I remember how much they weren't supposed to have been here, how much I cried and begged the Lord to let me keep them.  That I would cherish them everyday no matter what I went through.

To this day, I have kept my word. 
These are my treasures, my heart, my future,
my passion...
As I mentioned above, I have entered a contest, the theme is "Passion" and the winner will get a 16X20 rolled canvas and $100.  I have never been able to post the picture of one kids and not the rest, so this was a picture I made and we have in our living room, because it shows all of us, and what's important to us. 


  1. I agree with you, I have many passions but my family is it. I would also love to have a canvas of my family to hang in my living room also.

  2. you made me cry sweetie, indeed your passion is your family and it shows. wish you the best of luck!

  3. @ "guess who" oSeptember 15, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    Hey girl!
    Stopping by Twitter because I had your tweet saved and forgot to stop by earlier.

    Hoping you win, I can imagine how much love you put into that picture on your living room!

    I'll give you a hint as to who I am, my Twitter name starts with @ and ends with o HaHaHa!

  4. Hi I have chosen you for a blog award. To accept, just visit my blog, www.jamarahcraftycreations.blogspot.com. Have a great day!

  5. your family is beautiful! and i'm still figuring out what my passion is . . .

  6. I love your collage. This is a wonderful project.

  7. I'd love to have a canvas of my family to hang as well! Great post!

    Thanks for joining in Mailbox Monday. I'm your newest email subscriber


  8. my famnily is my passion as well, i love your post and your picture!

  9. you are such a loving person


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