Tag, you're it! Great way to gain Followers... #FF

Welcome once again to
"Tag, you're it!"
We are on our 36th week!!! ;)
a weekly meme where you can sign up ALL of your sites for NEW FOLLOWERS!

Blog, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs,
Twitter, Giveaways, Votes,
Clients to your Etsy and OpenSky Stores
and anything else you want.

For our new "Taggers" here's the link to the post with instructions: http://bit.ly/aBfRYz or:
The Rules to playing "Tag, you're it" are simple:
Add your information to the spreadsheet , "Tag" everyone above you that you want on the list
(Tag= add/follow the person and leave "Tag, you're it!" comment)
Check back regularly to "Tag" new friends (list is open all week)
"Tag" back everyone who has "Tagged" you (remember to add/follow in addition to leaving the Tag comment=Tagging back is OPTIONAL)


for those of you who already know how to play, just go directly to the: sign up form

Have fun!!!
Spread the word!!!
The more players, the more "Tags" you get ;)

Remember that "Tag, you're it!" is open ALL WEEK, and a new list goes up on Tuesday's!!!
Here's the link so you can share it: http://bit.ly/bhabji


  1. Newest Follower... n filled out your spreadsheet... It's kinda early, and I'll blame the kids for not letting me concentrate, but I'm finding it confusing as to what to do next... hahahahaha I will be back when it's quite.. lol

  2. Tag, you're it! I too am a family of 8. :) but we got more animals then you we got 1 cat and 3 dogs.

  3. It is working for you! I really hope it is fun...nice

  4. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris


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