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With Christmas a few days away, many people are done with their shopping; and I am NOT one of those people!!! With our car breaking down last week, having all the kids home on vacation, Husband going off to Washington, trying to find a new place to move into in 3 weeks, and now a storm; things have been a bit on the hectic side.  I feel like I could put an octopus to shame these days...

Thankfully I had to go return a set of pots my MIL bought my husband for Christmas, yes she makes it obviously clear that he is the cook in the Family lol.  So off to Sears I went and on the way there I was making my mind go in circles trying to figure out if I was able to find a single toy in the store, how I was going to buy it with all the kids around me!  It had been over a year since I had been to Sears, last winter to be exact, and I couldn't remember a toy section at all.  This was going to be an adventure, or so I thought...

As we walk into Sears, we see a sign for the new and improved "Toy Shop".  Yay!  There were over 6 aisles of toys, and despite the many children playing on the floors (mine included), it was remarkably organized!!!
The selection was great, the prices were even better!!!  I loved the bright colored posters throughout the aisles, and that there were play structures to keep the kids entertained.  Look at our whrrl so you can see the fun my kids and I had shopping there...

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If you have not been to Sears lately, you have to make your way there, check out the new toy section "The Toy Shop" your kids will love it!!!
All opinions are my own, Collective Bias sponsored my shop, and The Sears Toy Shop has gained 6 happy new "regulars"

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