Why I want to be a #DReade VIP Blogger...

I want to be a VIP #DReade Blogger because I LOVE Duane Reade.

I spend a lot of my time in the city, yes, the fast paced and fun filled New York City ;)
 Always being on the run, I need a place I can run into, grab what I need and get out.  I LOVE that anytime I go into any Duane Reade store, I can easily find what I need, clean and fully stocked shelves, and very short to no lines.  Do I even have to mention that there are Duane Reade stores EVERYWHERE?!?!?

The fact that they accept manufacturer's coupons, AND they have pages full of printable coupons on their website is a plus!!! check out their coupon pages

Join their Flex Rewards club and save even more!!! You earn 2 points for every dollar you spend on every purchase and for every 500 points, you receive a $5 reward.  check out the flex rewards club here
PLUS... if you sign up for the Super Saver program you earn 30% more points on your purchases!!! Check that out here
You can check their weekly bonus points tab and see what products have extra points.  Great way to get your coupons ready to maximize your savings and earned rewards. 

Haven't heard enough yet?!?! good, because there is plenty more!
Duane Reade also has several clubs you can join, which not only serve a great purpose BUT also help you earn many more rewards points!

  • Eco Club helps you earn an additional 5x rewards points by purchasing anything that is enviromentally friendly or specifically marked in the store.
  • Baby Club earns you 3x rewards points by purchasing select baby items.
  • Healthy living club earns you 200 points for every $100 you spend on supplements, vitamins & more.
  • Greeting card club earn 250 flex points for every 10 cards you purchase.
  •  Diabetes Wellness club earns you double points for purchases regarding Diabetes wellness.
  • Photo club spend $20 on select products and receive 100 points.
NOW do you understand why I want to be one of the select few to represent Duane Reade as a VIP Blogger? I LOVE the store, the savings, the points, the ease of everything that is Duane Reade. 

On a more personal note, when I've had to be in the city, I miss my babies a lot, and the 1 1/2 hour train ride is usually lonely.  One thing I LOVE to do is pick them up a little treat and a small card from Duane Reade since it's outside of my train station.  I write a card for each kid and insert their treat.  In the morning they're so happy to see my surprises.  Now that my Husband started working in the city as well, he picks up treats for the kids a couple times a week, to let them know he is thinking of them ;)

 Do you shop at Duane Reade?  Did you know about their Flex rewards? How about all of their other clubs?

This is not a compensated post, it is my entry to be considered as 1 of 10 VIP Bloggers for Duane Reade.



  2. oh my gawd lily, it was so nice to meet you. i am glad you said hi while we were in line because not only did you tell me about your website but you also told me about those rewards on the card for duane reade. can i tell you again that i had been going there for ever and never used the rewards? glad i met you and definitely will be getting together so our kids can play girl.

  3. i wasnt shure if i remembered your www adress but i did. i am happy to have met you on the a train. youre babies are absolutly adorable. thank you again for telling me about the discounts at dr. i always go there but never botherd to sing up for the rewards card. i hope you get choosen because you really do help people to save money when we go to dr.

  4. I hope you get a chance to be a VIP blogger. Visiting from the Alexa hop. I took the time to write an Alexa review and hope you will do the same for me.

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