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As you may have heard me blurb in my other social media channels, or if you haven't; here it is...

My domain was hijacked a few months ago.  I spent months back and forth with google and other sites trying to get my site restored.  In the end, there was nothing that could be done.

As you can imagin, all my years of this being my online identity being stolen, left me feeling under the weather.   Add to that many health emergencies and you have the answer to my absence.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Shan from www.lastdshredsofsanity.com, I am now on a now platform, have a new domain and am working daily on being able to restore not only many of my articles that were lost; but also my online identity.

It's been a very difficult several months, both online and off, but hopefully (knocking on wood), we are out of the rough waters and will be in smooth sailing for a while ;)

I have missed all of my interactions with you all, writing, doing giveaways; all of it!


go on over to our new domain and join us as you did before ;)
Adventures of a Military Family has moved to:

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