Are you a mom who needs a vacation?

I know I do, as a mom of 6, 7 if you include the hubby, lol, a vacation ALWAYS sounds like a far away dream that I can not only not afford, but not afford to be away from my family that long.

Don't I have a great piece of news to share with you ;) ....
Caroline, at moms who need a vacation is having an AWESOME vacation package for the month of May.  How cool is that? Since May is Mother's Day Month!!!

Here are the details:
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
Ship: Monarch of the Seas
Ports of Call: Nassau, Bahamas and Coco Cay, Bahamas
Embarkation Port: Port Canaveral, Florida
Dates: May 14-May 17, 2010 (3 nights)
Price: $295

Yeah, you read it correctly, lol, $295 for a cruise to the Bahamas ;) !!!! 

What is Moms on vacation?
"It is a place where you can find information about planning your vacation with your other mom friends.  You can also decide to join one of our many mom vacation  group trips or “momcations”.  Our trips are short (3 to 5 days) so that you won’t be away from your family for too long.  They are relatively inexpensive.  And they are a place where you can connect with other moms."

As Mom's we often feel overworked, over stressed and under appreciated right?
ALWAYS wishing we could take a vacation, but the fact of spending thousands of dollars is not only almost impossible for many of us, but the fact of leaving our families behind for too long is also almost ALWAYS not an option.

Moms on vacation Travel club, specializes in arranging vacation packages that are not only AFFORDABLE, FUN, and AWESOME, but....
It's a vacation club for moms ONLY!!
I know the minute I heard about going on vacation by myself, The first thought that went through my head was being afraid of being around so many strangers.  When I focused on the fact that it's ONLY FOR MOMS, the fear left, as it may for many hubby's out there as well, lol.  
A group of moms, hanging out on a vacation, a MUCH NEEDED vacation ;)

As if this wasn't cool enough, Caroline will give a $25 travel certificate for every mom that mentions they found moms on vacation  through My Blog ;) when they sign up.

Check out Moms on vacation pages:

As an added bonus...
Special offer: Sign up before February 12, 2010 and get $75 on-board credit that can be used towards spa treatments, alcoholic beverages and all other amenities available the ship. By signing up for the cruise, you will be eligible to win a free cruise

if 30 moms sign up for the vacation, Moms on vacation will give a way a free vacation to one winner, but hurry, you have to  be signed up by Feb. 12, 2010

Free cruise information: All participants signed up by February 12, 2010 will be entered in a drawing to cruise to the Bahamas for free. The winner will be reimbursed for the cruise, less taxes and port charges. The winner will be announced on March 1, 2010. The Moms on Vacation Travel Club reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time. 

No, I did not receive a free cruise, lol, or compensation for my review, sometimes a Thank you is just as great ;) This review was made possible by Mom made that


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