hello my dear friends....

yes, it's me ;)

I have been a bit busy with life lately, hence the lack of my daily ramblings, lol.

A quick update is that the whole family has been sick for over a month,, taking turns with stomach flu, flu, bronchitis, and now I finally caught a cold and the baby has an ear infection, so there goes my turn to rest :/

I have some WONDERFUL reviews coming up, I am so happy with these products, and I can't wait to share with all of you why I loved them so much ;) 
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I have yet to post about some fun adventures we have been on.

I got some awards as well, I am so sorry for not posting about them yet, but This string of "sickies" has gotten to me this time, lol, and the depression decided to make a big visit this last month but that's in another blog ;)

Yes, I am still alive ;)  
I miss you all, thank you so much for still being there for me and leaving me daily comments of support; the LOVE I have gotten from my friends in blogland has been so amazing and soooooooo appreciated ;)

ooh before I forget, don't forget to play "Tag, you're it" 


  1. I hope everyone is feeling better now. I don't have a Safeway near me, so I will refrain from the contest. Good luck to whomever wins.

  2. hope that U R well today,
    sorry to hear that u get sick some days...

    Bless U!

  3. I am following from MBC Great blog!!!

  4. Sounds like my house. You get over something you get something new. DArn Germies have to set up camp elsewhere. Hope you all are feeling better soon.

  5. I hope everyone is well or getting better. I don't have a Safeway near me, either, but good luck to whoever wins!
    Gerardine Baugh

  6. hope to see you be showered with awards.

    get well soon,
    love your smiles.
    Happy Friday!

    hugs, ;)


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