A Baby became an Angel and A Soldier payed the ULTIMATE price...

This last week has been a whirlwind of bad news....

The passing of my Grandfather hit me like a ton of trucks, cause bricks wouldn't seem so right compared to the hurt I feel.....

I learned about Baby Layla Grace loosing her battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer.  link here
May the Angels in Heaven keep her smiling ;)

Remember the article I wrote a couple of days ago about Baby Penny beginning her battle with Neuroblastoma?  I read their blog today, She has been put on Life Support 

Yesterday while I was trying to keep my mind busy from not thinking about my Grandfather, I read a post that broke my heart all over again...

As a Military Wife, the BIGGEST fear, other than something happening to our children of course, is loosing our husbands, especially while deployed.
This 23 year old Strong Woman, is living through that nightmare; on Sunday, her Husband lost his life while deployed in Afghanistan.  They have a new Baby Girl.  Her Blog is called "A little Pink in a World of Camo"  The title of her post where she Bravely broke the news to friends and readers is called "I Will always be a Marine Wife"

My heart hurts for these Families, it has been a hard week, to say the least.  Lives have been lost, and changed forever. 

A Baby became an Angel,
a Soldier payed the ULTIMATE price for his country,
and a Baby is fighting for her life while on Life Support. 

My Prayers are with everyone tonight, that no more bad news come for a LONG time, Please make sure you tell the ones you Love, that you Love them, as with my Grandfather, it's something you can never fix, and it's something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life.


  1. What a tough week and so sad. It seems like bad news comes in batches :( May G-d watch over your husband and all the men and women in the military!

  2. My heart just broke as I read your post. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I did know about Layla Grace and just read the post about the Marine. As a military wife too, this just hit very close to home and my heart just breaks for her.

    Very emotional week.

    ~ Jennifer

  3. God bless them all and prayers for you for the loss of your grandfather.

  4. Happy Friday Follow, love meeting new blogging friends! I'm a new follower.

  5. my prayers are lifted right along with yours for these families.
    My heart hurts for all three families.

  6. How sad. They are in my thoughts & prayers.

    My sister's boyfriend just joined the marines and proposed to her. I'm so scared for her! I don't want her heart to get broken.

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  8. What a week- hopefully spring means better things ahead...take care...

  9. Im so sorry

    Stopping by from "Friday Follow".


  10. I am so sorry. Sorry I am so far behind in reading that I didn't know about your grandfather when I saw you on Friday or I would have hugged you even harder and longer.

    My prayers are with you and your family. And also with Mrs P; what a terrible loss for her and her little girl. God bless all our soldiers.


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