Reminder:GREAT GIVEAWAY for EASe Video Game & Music CD

I wanted to take the time to remind you of the GREAT GIVEAWAY that is going on!!!

This Review and Giveaway is very dear to my heart, it helped my son Izeah SO much!!!

If you take a few minutes to read the review, you will see how happy I was to see the reaction he had to the Video Game, the help it gave me with his focus, and how much he LOVED it!

Vision Audio Graciously has given my readers a chance to win THREE different Video Games and THREE different Music CD's, a total value of over $300 Dllrs (including S&H)

This Review and Giveaway is for 

Please be sure to enter this giveaway (click here)
and please pass this post of Review & Giveaway to Families of children on 
The Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, ODD, PDD, 
ANY AND ALL Sensory Processing Difficulties

I will post the review & giveaways to the 2 other sets soon.

Please make sure you don't enter the giveaway on this reminder post, 
the giveaway post is: click here to enter


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  6. Hi there. I commented on the original post about this game. I am really looking forward to the winner being announced! (fingers crossed)

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