Winner of $25 Gift Card to Kroger Family of stores!!!

Thanks to, the winner of The $25 Gift Card to Kroger Family of Stores is:

Kathy Rambousek said...
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LKARambo at comcast dot net
March 25, 2010 3:03 PM

Thank you very much to everyone who entered, Congratulations to Kathy.

please email me with your info so I can have your prize sent to you ;)


  1. Congrats Kathy!

    @Buttons and Bows

  2. This reminded me of a quick story when I was a kid. My Uncle Malcom and my sister and I (we were about 10 years old or so) drove past a Kroger store one night. The Kroger sign was lit up but in the "K" the lights in the two sticky-out parts of the "K" were burned out, so it looked like an "I". The "r" was also burned out. So when we drove past, my uncle said, "Look, there's I oger." It sounded like "I ogre" and just tickled my funny bone at the time - but I still call Kroger "I Oger" to this day. Maybe you just had to be there... ;)

  3. Happy Wednesday!
    Good Luck on your games and blogging!


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