Tag, you're it!!! (new list starts on Tuesday)

Guess what?! We got through our 23rd week of Tag ;)
It has been fun, I appreciate everyone who played along  ;)

If you don't know what "Tag, you're it!" or "Tag Tuesday" is:
You "Tag" your new friends and they "Tag" you as well.
(instead of leaving "following from..." comments which is what prompted me to start "Tag"
since I heard many friends say they didn't like how impersonal that sounded)

The Special "Quality" about "Tag, you're it" is that through this game,
you can post the url's to 
your blog, twitter, facebook, "like"on Facebook, networkedblogs, Etsy store, links to voting pages that you are in, contest/giveaway pages and anywhere else you want followers in ;)
  • The Rules to playing "Tag, you're it" are simple:
  1. add your information to the spreadsheet , "Tag" everyone else above you on the list
    (Tag= add/follow the person and leave "Tag, you're it!" comment)
  2. Check back regularly to "Tag" new friends below you (list is open all week)
  3.  "Tag" back everyone who has "Tagged" you (remember to add/follow in addition to leaving the Tag comment)
Here is the Spreadsheet

Also, if you can, help spread the word,
The more people know about Tag Tuesday, 
the more people will Tag you ;)

A BIG thank you goes out to Stacie at Simply Stacie for always playing and posting "Tag, you're it!"

If you posted about "Tag, you're it!", pls send me a comment and I will post your ur ;)
and just in case you really have to have a button ;)  
my daughter is showing off her skills:

"""Tag means you add/follow a person and leave a Tag comment in return"""

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