Celebrating National Dog day with Frankenweenie... w/ Linky!

Celebrating National dog day, and showing our love for our fur babies is something any human parent can do, after all, don't they eat fetch our slippers for us?

This is after we had Max for a few days, they created a bond that is like no other ;)

If you are like our Family, our dog is not just a dog, he's one of the kids. 
This is one of my all time favorite pictures, this is Max and Anthony taking a nap.  Anthony had been sick with a fever the night before and that morning, and Max, just laid there with him.

Many people talked about our Max, about what horrible and incompetent parents we were for having a pitbull, truth of the matter is that those people were more vicious than our Max ;)

Today is National Dog day, and I wanted to share our baby with you.  I adore him more than many other people I know ;)  Do you have a furry baby?  Give them a huge hug, an extra treat, they love us so much more than we think is possible, and love us no matter what we do, who we are, and what we wear ;)

Speaking of loving our dogs, are you looking forward to the upcoming movie "Frankenweenie"?
Check it out, it's not only adorable and funny, but it touches on the love we have for our fur babies ;)
Want to share your fur babies?  Link up your posts or pictures, they deserve to be celebrities on their National day right? ;)


  1. What an adorable pittie. I just wanna give him a hug! Its amazing dog's intuition when we are not feeling well both physically and mentally!

  2. Thank you Krystle for visiting ;) Yes, they are amazing ;)

  3. I remember Maxi-poo! he was by far the best dog in the world.

  4. aw he is such a cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    and so is the baby ;p hahaha, you know I love them both

  5. I love dogs, they are def part of the family


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