Ghirardelli Chocolates make me smile ;)

I am glad to be able to share my LOVE of chocolates with you, but today it's not just any kind of chocolate...
It's Ghirardelli ;)

I recently had the privilege of tasting their new line of yummy chocolate squares ;)
Ghirardelli Squares milk & peanut butter chocolate

ohh it is absolutely delicious, it's not just regular peanut butter, it has roasted pieces of peanuts!  The peanut butter is very creamy and shame on you if you don't already know how creamy and smooth the chocolate itself is ;)

This is definitely going on my Valentine's Day list for gifts that ROCK! ;)  Ghirardelli has sent me several coupons for friends and family, they are for $1.50 off.  The coupons are great because it leaves you paying around $2.00 a bag, yes it's awesome, I know.  PERFECTLY in time for Valentine's day, yayy!

I chose to share my love of the chocolate with my readers and friends ;)  If you would like for me to mail you a coupon, e-mail me your address and I will send it out ;)

Ghirardelli sent me some delicious chocolates and coupons in exchange for my opinion ;)


  1. mmmmmmmmm me too love choc lol, scrummy post, pop over have a new poem posted and its not doom and gloom lol, xx

  2. hello,

    cute post,
    cute treats,

    thank you for sharing the best ever treats and thoughts with us.
    you are the best.

    smile, be happy, and have FUN.

  3. Your making my mouth water just reading this...I love chocolate!!

  4. Oh geeze, I love chocolate so much I want to marry it. LOL! Ghiarardelli, Dove, See's..oh my!

  5. Love Ghirardelli although I think my daughter loves it even more. Her favorites are the mint ones and she can go through a bag in one sitting. I had no idea they came out with a peanut butter one - we'll have to try it.

    Melissa (Twitter Moms, )

  6. Thanks for sharing! Mmmmmm....chocolate!

  7. Mmmmm.... Chocolate....

    Happy ICLW Week!


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